What Is A Wood Burning Stove?

When man first discovered fire, he immediately realised its potential. Before learning to cook food, it was the warmth of the fire that led him to use it repeatedly. This led then to using a fireplace to warm the home.

Unfortunately, a fireplace is actually very inefficient. It actually drives warm air out the room and into the chimney. The heat you’re getting is just directly from the fire itself, and the natural movement of air is one that draws heat FROM the house and into the smoke stack. While the room may be warm, the rest of your house actually gets colder.

This is where stoves come in real handy. They work to contain both the fire and the heat in an almost closed environment. This controls the airflow and the heat generated from the stove can now warm the room in a more efficient way.

While there are many types of fuels as there are stoves, a wood burning stove is probably the most simple. The good news is that these stoves have evolved over time to become more efficient and friendlier to the environment. Read the rest of the article to learn more about these stoves.

How Wood Burning Stoves Work?

The stove itself is a chamber usually made of cast iron. A door which opens this chamber can either be made of iron as well or tempered glass. The stove is then connected to a chimney or flue via a pipe which goes out of the house. Depending on where you’ll place the stove, some insulation may also be required.

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There are different vents or dampers which can control the air going into the stove as well as out of it. This basically controls the amount of fire and heat the stove produces by controlling the speed at which the wood burns.

For the wood itself, a variety of cord wood (the usual measure of firewood) can be used. Take note that the wood should be properly seasoned and dried for best use. This gets rid of moisture and allows for better and cleaner heating.

Depending on the type of wood burning stove, cleaning can be done periodically by hand or the unit may have some automatic cleaning process. Whatever the manner in which the stove is cleaned, it is important to note that soot and ash will need to be taken out regularly to ensure a good burn less the hassle of and danger of smoke. Cleaning also prevents accidental fires from happening.

Some Reminders

Wood stoves do need proper operation and maintenance in order to wok well. Use the correct amount and type of wood so you won’t find yourself and your stove all dirtied up. Have a certified installer do the work for you for ease of mind. It’s also important to get help in figuring out the right size of stove for your home or room.